HSE Field Support Officer - Location Flexible

Job description


HSE Field Support Officer


Health, Safety, and Environment

Reports To:

Director, HSE and Training

Position Summary:

The HSE Field Support Officer (FSO) plays an impactful role as a dedicated corporate resource, tasked with strengthening the safety and training frameworks for field personnel throughout the organization. As a versatile figure, the FSO serves multiple functions — a roving inspector, trade skills instructor, and catalyst for team development. When not in the field, the FSO is focused on communication, learning, and creating resources to help our teammates perform job tasks safely and efficiently, compliant to company standards and applicable regulations.

The FSO is guided by and demonstrates our core values, culture, and leadership principles in their conduct. This role facilitates effective communication between the operational front lines and senior management, supporting cohesive, informed, and purpose-driven efforts in the pursuit of delivering excellence globally, above and below the water. This position is centered around building strong relationships, motivating and uplifting the team to achieve results. Success in this role requires thoughtful leadership, a robust work ethic, and the ability to inspire trust and participation from others.

Essential Functions & Key Responsibilities:

  • Primary point of contact for the HSE Field Support Line phone system to provide on-call situational guidance and emergency support for dive supervisors/field personnel.
  • Lead dive supervisors in the implementation of improved practices and safety standards in the field.
  • Visit select jobs/units across the organization to engage with field staff, evaluate and support dive supervisors, and document job tasks for creating training materials, safe work procedures, etc.
  •  Identify and help standardize best practices observed within the organization to ensure consistent quality, efficiency, and operational effectiveness across each unit.
  •  Drive use and improvement of our Professional Qualifications Standard (PQS) career development program, and Absorb learning management system, to build highly effective people and teams.
  • Perform company wide internal compliance audits and manage conformance evaluations of third-party contractors supporting SGS diving operations or performing services for our clients.
  • Lead investigations into significant near misses, incidents, and accidents to identify and communicate corrective actions and lessons learned with the organization.
  • Follow up on audit/investigation findings to ensure corrective actions are implemented and sustained.
  • Assist job planners with hazard identification, risk management, and dive planning.
  • Support quality management and standardization initiatives across the organization.
  • Lead continual improvement of HSE/Training standards and practices.

Job Requirements:

  • Represent and advocate for Subsea Global Culture, core values, and leadership principles.
  • Be driven to create positive change and continual improvement in our company and industry.
  • Be ready to get after it. HSE works hard to deliver excellence for our global team.
  • Disciplined self-starter and team leader with high standards, humility, and a growth mindset.
  • Take ownership of identifying issues and solving them to help the team get the job done right.
  • Be reliable and reachable 24/7 by phone in case of emergency situation or incident/accident.
  • Coordinate resources and emergency management efforts to support on-scene leaders.
  • Be ready to travel anywhere in the world without notice in the event of an emergency.
  • Effective leadership abilities; serve as a mentor with strong diving and mechanical trade skills.\
  • Split time between field, office, shop, and travel/remote work as needed. Travel up to 50% of time.
  • Be early, squared away in a clean professional uniform, properly equipped and ready for the full day.
  • Be willing to get wet/dirty working alongside the team; set a good example and share knowledge.
  • Maintain dive status by keeping dive physical and needed certifications current.
  • Conduct drills, readiness exercises, and other group training activities regularly.
  • Conduct audits of job sites, dive stations, equipment, and facilities. Report and track issues to closure.
  • Enforce company standards and policies in a fair and proper manner.
  • Organized and detail-oriented with superior time and task management abilities.
  • Proficient with computer software, particularly Microsoft applications and Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Communications must be professional, timely, clear, and concise.
  • Produce good quality work, to deadlines, with minimal errors or need for rework.
  • Be of high moral character, honest, accountable, and responsible without direct oversight.
  • Committed to personal learning and development to gain/maintain useful knowledge and skills.
  • Be resourceful and good at finding cost-effective solutions/improvements.
  • Capable of initiating and leading projects beyond established practices, adept in training and development, and agile in adapting to and implementing organizational changes.

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Graduate of industry-recognized and accredited commercial diver training program - required.
  • Minimum 8-years’ relevant experience in commercial diving - required.
  • Technical ship repair diving experience – strongly preferred.
  • Offshore/decompression diving experience - strongly preferred.
  • Diver supervision experience - strongly preferred.
  • Project management training, certifications, and/or experience - preferred.
  • CPR/First Aid Instructor and/or Diver Medical Technician certifications - preferred.
  • Professional training, certifications or experience related to health and safety, quality control, regulatory compliance, or emergency management - preferred.

Physical Requirements:

  • Good physical fitness with ability to perform moderate to heavy lifting, carrying, climbing, and other strenuous activities associated with typical commercial diving field work and international travel.
  • Maintain current commercial diver physical examination on file.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee. The Workshop Manager is also required to handle additional duties as requested by his or her supervisor.  

Subsea Global Solutions has over 200 highly skilled commercial diver technicians positioned around the world. Apply today to become the newest member of the Subsea team.

Subsea Global Solutions has over 200 highly skilled commercial diver technicians positioned around the world. Apply today to become the newest member of the Subsea team.